CARLY SIMON - Coming Around Again (Deluxe Version) - 1987 - 2017

01-Coming Around Again (From Heartburn)
02-Give Me All Night
03-As Time Goes By
04-Do The Walls Come Down
05-It Should Have Been Me
06-The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
07-Two Hot Girls (On A Hot Summer Night)
08-You Have To Hurt
09-All I Want Is You
10-Hold On To What You've Got
11-Itsy Bitsy Spider
13-The Wives Are In Connecticut
14-If It Wasn't Love (From Nothing In Common)
15-Let The River Run (From Working Girl)
16-Sleight Of Hand
17-Give Me All NIght (12' Extended Mix)

01-Nobody Does It Better
02-You're So Vain
03-It Happens Everyday
05-The Right Thing To Do
06-Do The Walls Come Down
07-You Belong To Me
08-Two Hot Girls (On A Hot Summer Night)
09-All I Want Is You
10-Coming Around Again - Itsy Bitsy Spider
11-Never Been Gone

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